The Rebound, Book 2 in The Reunion Series. Coming December, 2014

the rebound

The Rebound — December, 2014

Cover Reveal November, 2014

synopsis (unedited):

Aly Sawyer finds herself in quite the predicament: Alone and Pregnant. The fear of having no one has Aly turning to her mother, despite their damaged relationship. Along with her best friend, Charlie, and mother by her side, Aly begins to face life after Gray Andersen. But first, she needs to tell him he’s going to be a dad.

Cam Anderson, the rebel of the Anderson family, is always doing what he wants, when he wants. . As a hot new lawyer, with all the potential in the world, he finds himself attracted to the one woman his brother could never let go. Even after 10 years of radio silence. When Gray walks away without a fight, Cam steps in to stake his claim.

Cam Andersen is the last person Aly expected to step in and help her. Not only does he offer to deliver the news to his brother, he also offers her a place to live when Aly unexpectedly finds herself looking.  As they get to know each other better and feelings arise, will Aly be able to let Gray out of her heart and finally move on? Or, will a bad case of sibling rivalry cause Aly to reevaluate everything she has come to rely on?